Moss Agate Stone

Moss Agate stone- Origin, Meaning, Properties and Uses

The Moss Agate is one of the most famous agates in the world. Although being rare, it is quite common to find Moss Agate etched in ornaments and jewellery. Moss Agate is usually found in India, Brazil, Uruguay, and Central Europe and is equally famous in a lot of other countries. The Moss Agate is usually found in Lime colour but sometimes it can also be observed in brown and red patterns as well.

The Moss Agate has an interesting history behind it. In older times, this stone could be seen in the hands of rulers, shamans, priests and other symbolically important people. The Moss agate has been in use for a long period of time. It has a certain look to it which seems to be very appealing to people, making it quite popular.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the history of the Moss Agate Stone and the meaning that is normally associated with the stone. We will also take a look at the healing and metaphysical properties of the Moss Agate along with learning how we can use it to enrich our life.

Moss Agate History

Throughout history, the Moss Agate has been seen to bring peace and serenity for the people who wear and use it. It has also been said that the Moss Agate is exceptionally useful for people who experience anger issues and uncontrollable emotions. In many cultures, Moss Agate is used in customary and engagement rings, pendants or tied around the wrists or neck to cure illness, mental issues and bring good luck.

Even today, In many places of the world, the Moss Agate has been used in precious engagement rings, meaningful customary rings, ornamental necklaces, bracelets, and other articles of jewellery. Some people are even obsessed with the Moss Agate stone enough to change their lives in a way that they are catching the positive energies of the stone at all times.

The Moss Agate is believed to exhibit both positive physical and mental changes in the body for many people. The Moss Agate enhances the personality and social life of the wearer and encourages feelings of bravery, strength and vigour in the wearer’s body. It is generally believed that wearing the Moss Agate will make you more open to positive mental changes.

Pendants made from Agates like these were commonly seen around the necks of many older people.

Moss Agate Meaning

Wearers believe that the calming colour of the Moss Agate brings peace and tranquillity in one’s life. Like the Red Agate, it provides more of an emotional balance in the wearer’s life. The Moss Agate is mainly about control over one’s self, taking charge of the physical and mental potential of one’s body, The wearer may experience many positive changes in his life after adopting this stone as a wearable. It is said that many powerful people used to wear this stone to be mentally stronger and gain control over their emotions.

The Moss Agate has different functions and reactions depending on the wearer. Mostly the stones have positive reactions but in some cases the Moss Agate can have negative reactions as well. The qualities of the stone might differ from person to person. Generally, the following effects can be observed:

  • Control over one’s emotions
  • Confidence and trust in one’s abilities
  • Power to heal emotional wounds
  • Increase in willpower and motivation
  • Openness to positive changes in life
The Moss Agate can have many distinct patterns on the same stone. Some may find the designs to be beautiful but others might think of them as a mess.

What makes it different?

The Moss Agate normally has beautiful patterns stretching from one part of the stone to the other. The colour tone of the stone gives mesmerizing aquatic looks that make the stone even more unique! The moss stone agate gives off the feeling of a dark heavy rainforest which in itself is an amusing and likeable environment. The Moss agate is said to give positive energies and create influences. While being beautiful, the moss agate is believed to be very helpful and peace bringing stone.

Picture of the patterns of the Moss Agate stone/crystal
The patterns inside the Moss Agate look like the offshoots of a tree or the inside of an aquatic environment.

Moss Agate has also gained popularity because it was used by many people to show sophistication and power. The stone was primarily used to implement tranquillity and emotional balance into one’s life, hence making it different than other stones that may be used to bring strength and spirituality. In a contrast, the Moss Agate is a balancing stone, rather than a strongly influencing one.

When the stone is used in wearable such as rings, bracelets and pendants, it is said that they make the wearer more open to reality and enhance their mental capability to a whole new level. It is also believed that this stone was given to those people who faced problems regarding their mental health such as anxieties, depressive episodes and other related issues.

How much does the Moss Agate cost?

Generally speaking, the Moss Agate is rarer than the common Black Agate and Red Agate, making it difficult to find. As a result, its value is much more than the value of simpler Agates. However, it still does not cost as much as other expensive gemstones such as the Ruby or Aquamarine. For someone looking for the Moss Agate, he would find it placed in a reasonable budget.

However, even though it has a lot of meaning behind it, many people do not consider it to be as valuable as other Agates. These people think that it is not worth the money and may offer their collection for a low price, making it an opportunity for the person who knows about the Moss Agate. The price fluctuates between different regions and places as the availability is not the same everywhere.

When the stone is used in wearable, the price of the stone rises to an even higher level. Rings and pendants etched with the Moss Agate can fetch a high price in markets all over the world.

Emotional and Physical Healing Properties of the Moss Agate

In many brown and reddish shades of the Moss Agate, the patterns may represent trees or plants.

The Moss agate is a stabilizing stone with a lot of power, this stone can affect your mental and physical health in many ways. In ancient times, caretakers and shamans used to give patients going through various ailments this stone and it would help the patients level their mental balance and bring peace back in their life.

Relating to other Agates, the Moss Agate also holds an anti-depressing ability which reduces the chance of mental strains. It also comes in use for those who suffer from sadness, grief, or loss of a close one. It is known to defend the wearer from negative energies and help them against negative influences.

For the people who are suffering from grief or have a fresh wound on their soul, the stone can offer great help with positives emotions and influences. In simpler words, Moss Agates can serve a helping hand and bring prosperity and peace in one’s life, helping them bring out a brighter and a more powerful self.

How to Use Moss Agate in your Daily Life

To implement the benefits of the Moss Agate in your life, it is important to make the stone a part of your daily life. You can do this by adding it into your personal space using the following methods.

  • Wear: By making the stone a wearable and putting it on you in the form of jewelry such as rings, pendants or bracelets can bring you near the energy and vibrations of the stone
  • Carry: You can also carry the stone in pockets, wallets and purse which will allow the stone to be in contact directly with your body. Carrying it in hands or in form of prayer beads/tasbeeh will also help you catch the positive energies of the stone
  • Place: If the stone is near you or surrounds you in any way, that’ll also influence your emotions and will bring the effects of the stone in place. The stone will help you bring balance into your life through multiple ways just by being surrounded or be near it.

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