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Black Agate Stone – Origin, Meaning, Properties and Uses

Much like the Red Agate Stone, the Black Agate has also gathered much interest and love in the eyes of the public, especially because of its inky black color. The stone, popular in many others names such as the “Black Aqeeq” or “Black Haqiq” is nothing less than an aesthetic wonder of nature with thousands of people believing in its metaphysical and healing properties.

Raw Black Agate can be easily detected by the fineness of its pieces, often outshining many other stones with a natural shine on the surface. However, due to its unique color, the Black Agate is a rare stone that may have a dark brown or black tone, depending on its origin and composition. Due to this rarity, it can be fairly expensive to obtain than other types of the Agate stones.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the origin of the Black Agate Stone and the meaning that is normally associated with the stone. We will also take a look at the healing and metaphysical properties of the Black Agate along with learning how we can use it to enrich our life.

cross-sectional picture of the black agate stone
The Black Agate has a uniquely appealing texture and surface

The Origins of the Black Agate/Black Aqeeq

While the name Agate is derived from the old name of the river Dirillo present in Sicily as we discussed in our previous article on the Red Agate stone. The Black Agate may be found in sources of other Agates but some of the finest stones are found in United States, Mexico, Brazil and many parts of the Middle East.

The Black Agate may have unique patterns and bands on it that make each piece special and different than the others. Some of the beads may even have a distinctive black-brownish shade that looks like a bottle of cold Coca Cola!

The fact that the Black Agate looks like a starless sky when polished and turned into fine stone has made it an excellent choice for making jewelry all over the world. Under the sun, a finely polished stone can reflect light exceptionally well, making the user of the stone shine much like the stone itself!

image of a black agate tasbeeh from Oasis Rosaries
The beads of this rosary/tasbeeh sparkle like stars when put under light. (Image Credits: Oasis Rosaries)

Black Agate in History

This unique color of the Agate has been associated with protection from evil and negative influences since ancient times. In many cultures, the Black Agate was tied around the neck or wrists of children and adults alike to ward off evil spirits (nazar). This was usually done by making a pendant or bracelet with one or many pieces of Black Agate.

The stone has also been mythically connected with forces of nature as well. Some old records mention that ancient people would tie a stone of Black Agate around the necks or horns of their animals to promise excellent crops or protection from bites of poisonous creatures.

What makes it different?

Black Agate has also gained popularity because it was often used by royals and rich people for its beautiful shine and quality of the stone. The stone was primarily used as it is regarded as a protective stone that helps the wearer ward off negative energies while improving their own mental capabilities.

When placed in silver rings, bracelets and rings, the Egyptians believed that a king’s or noble’s command and authority using words will increase to a great extent. This could why many nobles would wear Black Agates to amplify their verbal abilities and in the hopes to increase the credibility of their words as well as promote spiritual protection.

A painting that depicts a woman wearing a stone that resembles the black agate
It was common to see the Black Agate in the hands and around the necks of rich people in older times.

How much does the Black Agate cost?

As the Black Agate is rarer than the Red Agate but can still be found all over the world, it goes for a reasonable price. Like other stones, the price of the stone depends upon the carat and quality. In some cases, if there are unique patterns or an exceptionally polished and clear surface, it can get a much better price in the market.

When turned into items of jewelry or used as ornamental objects, the price of Black Agate can fluctuate and even increase many times. Commonly, they are used in rings, prayer beads and bracelets all over the world.

Tasbeehs (Rosaries) made out of Black Aqeeq in all its shades are commonly used in the Islamic world. (Image Credits: Oasis Rosaries)

Black Agate Meaning

Since its discovery and its use, the Black Agate has been associated with both physical and spiritual protection. It has been used by common people and elites alike due to the immense power and stability that it holds in itself. Many people have even worn it because they believe that it helps the user strive to fulfill their goals and objectives.

This color has been used by people for the inner strength it provides, helping people handle stress by providing peace. Like the Red Aqeeq, it also promises an emotional, physical and intellectual balance, helping the user rise over their fears. Similarly, it also helps the wearer to have a better focus by cleansing all the negative energies and thoughts surrounding them.

The Black Agate has different responses in every person that uses it, with different cultures suggesting it for different uses. To some, it may bring internal balance while to others, it may bring out protection and recovery against physical and natural ailments and illnesses.

You can check out our available Black Agate/Aqeeq tasbeehs (prayer beads) to enrich your spiritual life here!

Metaphysical and Healing Properties of the Black Agate

As a balancing and stabilizing stone, the Black Agate has a great potential to tune the mind, body and the heart together. In some older texts and references, many ancient care providers used to have patients suffering from problems of the liver, stomach and eyes to use the Black Agate to improve the effects of their conditions.

Much like the Red Agate, the Black Agate also boasts an anti-depressing quality, mostly helping people who have undergone times of pain, grief and loss. It is known to help people cope up with what they are going through, cleansing the negative energies around them and converting them into positive ones. The stone has also been linked to have a healing power that promotes greater internal balance and a sense of introspection as well.

For people who are going through a difficult time, or having difficulty in focusing due to negative emotions and influences, using the Black Agate can really reintroduce a balance to the tempered soul. As the negative emotions fade away, the Black Agate will greatly help in promoting will power and inner strength in the individual.

The Agate is surely a gentle yet impactful stone that can have a lasting positive influence for all that are using it, in all possible ways!

The polished bands of the Black Agate have been well-known for their beauty around the world now. (Image Credits: Oriental Direct)

How to use Black Agate in your daily life?

In order to enjoy the benefits of the Black Agate in your life, it is important to make it a regular part of your routine. You can do this by incorporating it in your personal space using these ideas:

  • Wear: By wearing Agate in any form of jewelry such as pendants, rings or bracelets can be an impactful way to connect with the energy and vibrations of the stone.
  • Carry: You can also carry any object made of Black Agate in your pockets, wallets or purse, allowing you to be in close contact with the vibration of the stones. Carrying and using tasbeehs (prayer beads) also helps to a great extent.
  • Place: Surrounding yourself with the Agate stones that boost your peace and stability can be a great way to bring a balance in your life.

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