Turquoise/Feroza Stone Benefits, Meaning, Properties and Origin

Turquoise, also known as Feroza, is a highly valued stone with great spiritual significance that has been used for centuries. Its blue color with green patches resembles the earth and it is particularly popular in South and West Asia, specifically Iran and Iraq.

Turquoise is formed in dry climates, usually found in sedimentary or volcanic rocks. The process involves the oxidation of copper sulfides with oxygen in the water, creating a copper-laden solution that reacts with aluminum and potassium minerals in the host rock, resulting in the formation of turquoise.

In this article, we will explore the origin and meaning of turquoise and its healing properties and benefits. We will discover how this stone can enrich our daily lives and how to make the most of its powerful properties.

The Origins of the Turquoise/Feroza Stone

Turquoise got its name from the French expression “pierre tourques,” meaning “Turkish Stone,” as it was believed to have first arrived in Europe from Turkey. It was originally mined in large quantities in the Khorasan province of Persia (Iran) and was named “pērōzah” by the Iranians, which means “victory.” It became popular in constructing palace domes because its intense blue color was seen as a symbol of heaven on earth.

In West Asia, many people love turquoise, and this has led to the production of fake turquoise to cheat people. Howlite, a soft mineral, is often used to make these fake stones. It can be dyed in almost any color, but it is frequently used to replicate turquoise. The scratch test is an easy way to distinguish between real and fake turquoise.

How to Identify Turquoise/Feroza Stone

You can use this small guide to identify if your Turquoise/Feroza stone is read or not:

  1. Look for imperfections: Genuine Turquoise stones have natural imperfections, such as veins and pits, which add to their beauty and value. If the stone looks too perfect or has a uniform pattern, it may be fake.
  2. Check the color: Genuine Turquoise stones range from light blue to green-blue to dark blue. If the stone has an unnatural color or is too bright, it may be fake.
  3. Conduct a scratch test: Turquoise ranks 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means it can be scratched by harder materials like quartz. To conduct a scratch test, use a pointed object like a needle or knife to try and scratch the stone. If it leaves a mark, it is likely fake.
  4. Perform a hot needle test: Heat up a needle or pin and touch it to the stone. If the stone is genuine Turquoise, it should not discolor or melt. If it does, it may be fake.

Turquoise/Feroza Stone in History

Turquoise, also known as Feroza Stone, has a rich history dating back to ancient Egyptian times. Archaeologists have found Turquoise jewelry, including rings and amulets, in tombs that date back to 3000 BCE. Throughout history, Turquoise has been used in rings and gemstones, and many cultures believed it to be a stone of the heavens.

Native Americans and Hindus hold Turquoise in high regard due to its positive and joyful energy. The bright blue color of Turquoise represents the blue of the sky and water, symbolizing the preciousness of life. It is believed to connect heaven and earth, making it a useful tool for connecting with the spiritual world.

Turquoise/Feroza Stone is Islamic History

Turquoise/Feroza Stone holds great significance in West Asia, especially in countries like Iran and among the Hazara community. It is believed that Hazrat Ali ؓ, who is greatly respected by Muslims, wore this stone in battles, and many Imams also wore it. In Iran, the stone is called “pērōzah,” which means “victory,” indicating strength and power in all areas of life. Turquoise/Feroza Stone is important both spiritually and religiously to Muslims, and was also used in constructing mosques and decorating objects such as the Medresseh-i Shah Husein.

How much does the Turquoise/Feroza Stone cost?

Genuine Turquoise/Feroza Stones are very rare and expensive, sometimes even more expensive than gold. The cost can range from $5 to $20 per carat on average, but this varies depending on the quality, size, and origin of the stone. A Turquoise/Feroza Stone with a deep teal green color and a clean surface is highly valued and can fetch a high price. Differentiating between high-quality and cheaper Turquoise/Feroza Stones can be confusing and requires a trained eye. Persian Blue Turquoise with a sky blue or robin’s egg blue color is the most sought-after, but it is also the most commonly counterfeited.

Turquoise/Feroza Stone Meaning and Benefits

Turquoise/Feroza Stone has remained relevant for the immense power of calmness it holds. Many people have found it to be a relaxing and stabilizing stone. It balances the blood flow and helps calm anxieties and fears. It is suggested people suffering from high blood pressure should always wear a Turquoise/Feroza Stone close to their skin.

The Turquoise/Feroza Stone has very harmonious vibrations. Which is why it has no negative effects on anyone. No matter what star you are born under, Turquoise/Feroza Stone only has positive impacts on its wearer. It helps in stabilizing and grounding your energies.

Like mentioned earlier, its balancing abilities aid greatly in calming the spirit and body. Disarming all the negative energies around the individual. These traits have earned Turquoise/Feroza Stone great reputation and worth. This is also why it is loved by a lot of individuals. If someone feels like their life is out of balance, they can try using a Turquoise/Feroza to calm it down. It gives you a chance to have control on your life once again.

Metaphysical and Healing Properties of the Turquoise/Feroza Stone

Turquoise/Feroza Stone has many benefits that can positively impact a person’s life. It enhances communication, promotes love, acceptance, and sympathy, and helps individuals understand the reality of the situation. By providing hope and motivation, it improves the wearer’s social and personal life.

In addition to emotional benefits, Turquoise/Feroza Stone is also believed to provide wisdom, good fortune, and protection. Research has shown that wearing this stone can clear the mind, balance emotions, and even help with high blood pressure. It transforms negative thoughts and energies into a positive state, promoting feelings of generosity, sharing, and forgiveness.

Overall, the practical use of Turquoise/Feroza Stone can lead to a more calm and harmonious life. It helps the wearer become less reactive and approach problems more logically, increasing focus and commitment. With its numerous benefits, it’s no wonder why Turquoise/Feroza Stone is so highly valued and cherished by many.

How to use Turquoise/Feroza in our daily life?

In order to enjoy the benefits of the Turquoise/Feroza Stone in your life, it is important to make it a regular part of your routine. You can do this by incorporating it in your personal space using these ideas:

  • Wear: By wearing Turquoise/Feroza Stone in any form of jewelry such as pendants, rings or bracelets can be an impactful way to connect with the energy and vibrations of the stone.
  • Carry: You can also carry any object made of Turquoise/Feroza in your pockets, wallet or purse, allowing you to be in close contact with the vibration of the stone. Carrying and using prayer beads also helps to a great extent.
  • Place: Surrounding yourself with the Turquoise/Feroza Stone that boosts your peace and stability can be a great way to bring balance in your life. 

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