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Aquamarine – Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Aquamarine: An Extensive Guide for Pisces to Discover its Enchanting Features and Benefits

Aquamarine, a captivating gemstone belonging to the beryl mineral family, is renowned for its alluring blue-green hues and unmatched radiance. This gemstone has captivated individuals for centuries with its natural beauty and mystical properties.

From its historical significance to its prominence in the world of gemstones, this comprehensive guide has got you covered. As a Picses, this article is your ultimate go-to guide to understand the impact of Aquamarine on different zodiac signs and its spiritual importance. Whether you’re interested in its physical or emotional healing abilities, or you’re merely drawn to its timeless allure, this guide has everything you need.

Aquamarine symbolizes courage and communication, making it a top choice among jewelry enthusiasts and spiritual practitioners alike. If you’re fascinated by the mesmerizing Aquamarine, this guide is perfect for you.

Discover the captivating world of Aquamarine and uncover why it is one of the most sought-after gemstones globally. Whether you want to learn more about its physical and emotional healing properties or are simply captivated by its timeless allure, this guide has all the information you need. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to discover more about Aquamarine and its unique properties.

Aquamarine – Origin and Influence

Aquamarine Stone in its Raw form

Aquamarine is a stunning gemstone that belongs to the beryl mineral family. This crystal is formed in pegmatite rocks, typically found in granitic and some metamorphic rocks. It is highly sought after for its beautiful blue-green hue, which is caused by the presence of iron in the crystal structure. The intensity of the color can vary depending on several factors, including the amount of iron present and the clarity of the stone.

Brazil is the world’s primary source of high-quality Aquamarine, producing some of the largest and finest gemstones. However, other countries like Madagascar, Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique, Pakistan, and Afghanistan also produce Aquamarine.

Aquamarine is formed when a beryl mineral, containing beryllium, aluminum, and silicon, is subjected to high-pressure conditions and hot fluids. These fluids move through the rocks, dissolving the beryl mineral and depositing it in veins and cavities within the rock. The minerals present in the fluids can also affect the coloration of the Aquamarine.

Aquamarine – History and Significance

Aquamarine stone on a hand in display

Aquamarine is a gemstone with a rich history that dates back thousands of years. Its name comes from the Latin words “aqua” and “marina,” which mean water and sea, respectively, reflecting the crystal’s stunning blue-green color.

In ancient times, Aquamarine was revered by the Greeks and Romans, who believed it to be a divine gift from the gods. It was often associated with the sea goddesses and thought to protect sailors and ensure safe voyages. The Egyptians also valued the gemstone, using it to create amulets and talismans.

During the Middle Ages, Aquamarine was believed to have powerful healing properties that could cure various ailments, including liver, stomach, and throat diseases. It was also thought to dispel demons and evil spirits.

Aquamarine remains a highly prized gemstone, often given as a gift for 19th wedding anniversaries and as a birthstone for those born in March or under the zodiac sign Pisces.

Aquamarine – How much does it cost?

Like many other gemstones, the cost of Aquamarine can vary widely depending on a number of factors, such as its color, clarity, size, and overall quality. Let us give you a general idea. Generally speaking, larger and higher quality stones with vivid and intense blue-green coloration command higher prices than smaller or lower quality stones.

One-carat Aquamarine with good color and clarity can cost anywhere from $50 to $500, while a  much larger five-carat Aquamarine with excellent color and clarity can cost upwards of $5,000. 

Remember, all these prices are a rough estimate. They can greatly vary depending on the market and seller. Like we always say, it’s essential to work with a reputable jeweler or gemstone dealer who can help you find a high-quality stone at a fair price.

Aquamarine – Benefits and Meaning 

Benefits of a wearing a Aquamarine stone

Aquamarine is believed to have a number of benefits for those who wear it, both physically and emotionally. Let us discuss them thoroughly. 

  • Emotional Harmony: Aquamarine is believed to have a calming and soothing effect on the emotions, helping to reduce stress, anxiety, and fear. It is also said to promote a sense of peace, harmony, and balance.
  • Communication and Self-Expression: Aquamarine is said to enhance communication and self-expression, helping individuals to express their thoughts and feelings more clearly and effectively. It is also believed to help with public speaking and interpersonal communication.
  • Protection: Aquamarine is believed to have protective properties, particularly for those who are traveling by sea. It is also said to provide protection from negative energy and psychic attack.
  • Creativity and Inspiration: Aquamarine is thought to enhance creativity and inspiration, making it a popular gemstone among artists, writers, and musicians.

Aquamarine – Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Aquamarine is believed to have a number of metaphysical properties, which are based on spiritual and esoteric beliefs. Let’s go through them one by one. 

  • Spiritual Awareness: Aquamarine is said to promote spiritual awareness and connection, helping individuals to access higher realms of consciousness and connect with their higher self.
  • Intuition and Psychic abilities: Aquamarine is believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, making it easier for individuals to access their inner wisdom and receive guidance from higher realms.
  • Inner peace and Harmony: Aquamarine is said to promote inner peace and harmony, helping individuals to connect with their inner selves and find a sense of calm and tranquility in their lives.
  • Divine Feminine Energy: Aquamarine is associated with the energy of the divine feminine, and is said to promote compassion, nurturing, and emotional healing.

Aquamarine – How to use Aquamarine in Daily Life

Wearing a Aquamarine Stone ring or using a Tasbeeh are some of the most effective ways to add the qualities of the stone to your everyday life.

To enjoy the benefits of the Aquamarine Stone in your life, it is important to make it a regular part of your routine. You can do this by incorporating it into your personal space using these ideas:

  • Wear: By wearing a Aquamarine Stone in any form of jewelry such as pendants, rings or bracelets can be an impactful way to connect with the energy and vibrations of the stones.
  • Carry: You can also carry any object made of Aquamarine Stone in your pockets, wallets, or purse, allowing you to be in close contact with the vibrations of the stones. Carrying and using prayer beads also helps to a great extent.
  • Place: Surrounding yourself with the Aquamarine Stone that boosts your peace and stability can be a great way to bring balance to your life

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